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My Blogs, Elsewhere

I write on a regular basis for Broadbean and Monster, and sometimes contribute blogs to other sites too. Here are some of my favourite posts…


Broadbean Technology

6 Advantages of Hiring Through a Recruitment Agency

Does Your Manager Have a License to Hire?

Recruitment Disruption at #iRecruitexpo

What’s Happening in the World of In-House Recruitment?

5 Things We Talked About at #FIRMday

Could Technology be a Barrier to Getting the Right Talent?

5 Things About HR and Technology from #HRTechEurope

The Overwhelmed Employee and Other HR Challenges

7 Key Ingredients for Recruitment Content That Works

5 Predictions for the Recruitment Industry in 2014


Monster UK

6 Challenges to Finding the Best IT Talent

The Debate Over Zero Hours Contracts

Use of Intuition in Selection is Increasing – Silver Bullet or Asking for Trouble?

Are You an SME Looking to Hire? Here Are 5 Things That Could go Wrong!

Talent That’s Right Under Your Nose

WTF is Wrong With Your ATS?

6 Simple Things That Lead to Workplace Happiness


Some more blogs

People Are Talking, But Are Managers Listening? – CIPD, December 2013

Are Job Boards up to the Challenges? – UK Recruiter, December 2013

Do You Really Know What You’re Looking For? – DiscussHR, May 2014

Whose Workforce Is It Anyway? – DiscussHR, March 2013

Decoding GenY – HRZone, February 2011

Stepstone Solutions Summit 2010 Review – UK Recruiter, November 2010

Getting Yourself Headhunted – Changeboard, August 2010

Clarity, Communication, Closure – 3 Keys to Getting Recruitment Right – HR Zone, July 2010 (subscription service, article reproduced on this blog)

How To Get a Good Experience From your Recruitment Consultant – Changeboard, June 2010

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