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March 18, 2013 / Mervyn Dinnen

Mozart and the Art of Content Marketing

I love the play and movie Amadeus. The portrayal of both the vulnerability yet precociousness of genius has always intrigued me, and also how it impacts on those less gifted but still creative.

My favourite scene is the one above. Everyone’s viewpoint is played out on a daily basis in our lives.

  • Who is His Excellency to question the creative process? The end product is exactly what the creator wants it to be, exactly what he hears in his head. The audience will have to accept it.
  • Why doesn’t Mozart accept constructive criticism? After all, without the receptive ‘ordinary ear’ of the audience his music will never gain its true reach.
  • The chance for mediocrity to triumph is to show those who are more gifted and creative to be somehow elitist and out of touch with the audience.

What about if Mozart was a content marketer and not a composer??!!

On Tuesday morning I will be taking my place on a keynote panel at Social Media World Forum to discuss Social Content Strategies. I’ll be leaving the cottage industry of recruitment and HR to debate with the great and good from Google, BskyB, Adobe, New Look and Brandwatch and we’ll be talking, amongst other things, about:

  • Why is content becoming king in social? Why should brands become content creators?
  • How good content strategies can re-humanise brands and develop emotional connections between content and the customer

I’ll be thinking about Mozart as I prepare…there are only so many pieces of content the human brain can assimilate in a day.

What do you think?



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  1. David Palmer / Mar 18 2013 9:34 AM

    Nice analogy – thanks.
    What did you mean by: The chance for mediocrity to triumph is to show those who are more gifted and creative to be somehow elitist and out of touch with the audience?

  2. This section can also be analysed using the 6 P’s of Power, with the King holding Position and Resource power, the Court Composer and Rosenberg holding Expert and Social Power and Mozart having Expert and the additional element ‘Personal’ (charisma) – he uses this to win the battle, but of course loses the war later on.

    The eye movements between the various actors is also quite telling about who’s who.

    Great post Mervyn.

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