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Watch Me on Video

Want to know what I look and sound like? Then check out these videos!

There are an increasing number of clips of me on YouTube from a variety of conferences and interviews and here are a few that I think give a good overview of the range of topics that I talk about.

In February 2015 I took part in ADP’s HR Question Time Panel. The topic was HR and Technology and here’s the discussion around Employee Engagement…

In October 2014 I took part in a roundtable discussion for the CIPD on recruitment using social media. Here you can watch me talking with Perry Timms and Claire McCartney about it…

At the TruLondon7 Recruitment Unconference I led a livestream discussion on the way that social media has impacted the job search. Following this I was interviewed by Kelly for a 5 minute wrap of the conversation…

IN February 2013 I presented recruitment agency Source with the UK Recruitment Blog of the Year award. During the time I spent with them I was interviewed by Jonnie Jensen of Live+Social about why blogging is important for the recruitment industry…

Back in 2010 I spoke with Redmos about my recruitment career – the highs and lows, achievements and learning points. I was also asked for some tips to help young recruiters. The session resulted in these two videos…

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  1. Recruitment and Social Media / Apr 30 2012 10:11 AM

    Great interview! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Shame I can’t make it tomorrow, I would have had a couple of questions to ask you too…!

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